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Tech Alliance Unveils the Future of Spam Protection with SpamSpy V2 Releasing Nov. 9th

Jason Cheroske


  • V2 API Release
  • AI Content Moderation

Elevating the industry of spam filters, the introduction of SpamSpy V2 provides enhanced security and superior user experience. SpamSpy V2 will be launching with both a public beta and closed alpha branch tomorrow, November 9th, 2023.

In a collaborative initiative SpamSpy, made in parntership by Deviated Systems, and MindsDB are excited to reveal the innovative SpamSpy V2. This new addition amplifies the capacities of spam filters and email spam checkers, exhibiting the potential to reshape the landscape of online security. This launch enhances the user experience and solidifies defenses against uninvited spam, making the internet a safer place.

A growing number of users report spam filter ineffectiveness, with bot-generated spam increasingly permeating automated filters. This leads to controversial and off-topic comments, false information propagation, and unnecessary discord on social media platforms. SpamSpy V2, equipped with AI, effectively targets this issue, scrutinizing content in a broader context and reducing bot interference.

A New Standard in Spam Protection

SpamSpy V2, will be accessible to the public via a open beta alongside a closed alpha program for experimental use on RapidAPI Nov. 9th, and will set a new benchmark in the domain of spam filters and protection. It blends the functionalities of a powerful email spam checker and supports a broader range of foreign characters. This robust system, capable of handling high character limits, provides efficient spam protection. SpamSpy V2 moves beyond being a mere tool. It emerges as a formidable ally in the fight against digital clutter, helping users maintain a secure and clean digital environment anywhere.

Integrating Google Perspective Data, SpamSpy V2 transcends the confines of traditional spam tools. It evolves into a comprehensive sentiment analysis and content moderation powerhouse. This collaboration enables the system to effectively detect and counteract harmful content, ensuring a secure internet experience that cultivates positive and respectful online interactions. In taking this stride, SpamSpy V2 charts a fresh path for the future of content moderation tools.

SpamSpy has also introduced the SpamSpy Discord Server and Bot to engage the community and strengthen spam protection. This integration enables users to interact directly with SpamSpy without setting up an API, providing an intuitive platform to test the software or conduct queries. This progressive step bolsters the functionality of this advanced spam tool while demonstrating SpamSpy's commitment to transparency and user-oriented solutions.

Building bridges within the digital world, SpamSpy proudly announces its offical partnership status with Zapier, an online automation tool that seamlessly connects thousands of applications. This strategic alliance augments the user experience and broadens the reach of SpamSpy V2. Filling the gap between spam filters, content moderation tools, and secure internet solutions, SpamSpy cultivates a safer and more efficient digital environment.

Experience SpamSpy V2

SpamSpy invites users to discover the versatile features of SpamSpy V2 and join the community on the Discord server. Users can get a first-hand experience of the enhanced spam filter capabilities, secure internet measures, and advanced content moderation tools this latest version offers.

Every month, the SpamSpy team will be holding a raffle for exclusive slots in their close alpha branch. Users interested in taking part in shaping the future of spam protection and content moderation need to complete these 4 steps to be eligible:

  1. 1. Subscribe to the SpamSpy Newsletter
  2. 2. Subscribe to any plan of the SpamSpy API on RapidAPI
  3. 3. Join the SpamSpy Discord, and accept the rules by reacting: 🆗 to the rules in #rules channel.
  4. 4. Finally, go to the Spy Bot channel ( #🔎spy-bot🔍 ) and use the /auth command to link the bot to your RapidAPI key.
  5. Raffle winners will be announced on the first Monday of each month in SpamSpys Newsletter. The first Alpha Access Raffle will take place Monday, December, 4th, 2023.

About Deviated Systems and MindsDB

Deviated Systems, the driving force behind SpamSpy, is a technology firm focused on developing proactive solutions to tackle the dynamic challenges of content moderation on the internet. Collaborating with MindsDB, a frontrunner in AI and machine learning technology, they aim to spearhead groundbreaking solutions in internet security and content moderation. This collaboration seeks to bring safer and cleaner digital communications to the forefront of the digital revolution.

For further inquiries and more information, please contact Jason Cheroske, Partner, CMO at Deviated Systems, at +1 (289) 301-7167 or via email at hello@deviatedsystems.com.


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