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Attention SpamSpy Users!

The public API is being closed, and we will no longer be accepting new beta users, or custom implementations, as we work on rebuilding SpamSpy from the ground up to better serve your needs.

SpamSpy's journey has been remarkable, teaching us invaluable lessons. When the community began utilizing SpamSpy, we quickly realized the system was unprepared for near-instant response times and geographically dispersed requests. The infrastructure required a training period, leading to user frustration as many sought immediate solutions. SpamSpy was a user-contextualized, peer-to-peer moderation tool, and its 2.0 version still isn't what the community needs.

Recognizing these limitations, we decided to stop accepting new customers for both the universal API and custom implementations. This decision allows us to focus on improving SpamSpy while maintaining and studying existing customized deployments. We have contacted RapidAPI to provide full refunds to all users who paid for the Public API.

Our objective is to minimize the dependency on community submissions by implementing innovative approaches, such as an abstracted method of tokenization and context analysis, to accurately assess relevance. This will be achieved through a combination of supervised and unsupervised algorithms, as well as a shift towards personalized reinforcement models to enhance the quality of responses.

Our commitment to innovation and ethical business practices remains steadfast. We are dedicated to creating systems that value every individual and their unique contributions. Stay connected with us for updates on SpamSpy's return and our journey forward. We continue to encourage you to share your thoughts and feedback as we move forward.

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SpamSpy Beta Testing Has Ended

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Three easy steps


Connect your data

Head over to RapidApi and subscribe it's free to contribute and do your part to fight against spam.


Submit your spam content

The submitted content will be placed into a queue and will be parsed for SpamSpy to reference the data in future queries about potential spam.


The Future

Your submitted content is being either used for testing or used in the live version of SpamSpy we personally thank you for contributing!

Fight Spam in record time.

Ease of Setup

At most SpamSpy can be setup in around 1.5 - 2.25 hours depending on skill level and understanding of how Web API's work.

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Robust & Flexible

The core of SpamSpy is robust enough to where the integrations are highly flexible and can be integrated with multiple CRM's and various services.

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Simple Native Integrations

Being built on the web all integrations are built with the idea of open source and using Web API's for everyone.

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SpamSpy Flexible Pricing

With simplified, yet flexible pricing and ease of use SpamSpy easily fits your needs and is able to flex into many different tech stacks.


Send in your spam and help train the latest model of SpamSpy. We wouldn't be able to do it without you!

$0 /mo

Free Forever

  • Unlimited Learn Queue Submissions

  • Public Access to Existing Spam Filter

  • Alerts on new trends of spam

  • Github Issues Support


Lightweight identification of Spam thats feature rich, this plan is great for SMB's that doesn't have to deal with lots of spam.

$1.00 /mo
$0.01 /each after 150

Billed monthly

  • Previous Plan Benefits

  • 150 Comprehend Requests


The recommended plan, not only do you get lots of uses of SpamSpy but you also have enough in bulk for a small community

$4.99 /mo

Billed Monthly

  • 750 Bulk Requests

  • Faster Request Speed

  • Premium Support


The plan recommended for medium or large sized businesses or decently sized communities. Contact us if you're looking to get a bigger plan.

$44.99 /mo

Billed Monthly

  • 75,000 Bulk Requests

  • Double Request Speed

  • Premium Support

Frequently Asked questions

And Their Common Answers

1. How does SpamSpy help you in problems?

With SpamSpy, you can do so much more than just submit spam to train the AI. It goes beyond that and becomes an invaluable tool to combat bad actors and malicious content in the media.
By implementing SpamSpy, moderators in live chats and discussion boards will greatly benefit. It actively identifies and promptly alerts them of potential spam and undesirable content, thus significantly reducing their content moderation workload.

2. Why choose us?

SpamSpy is a community-powered platform driven by AI. As the community expands, the strength of SpamSpy grows exponentially, creating a mutually beneficial relationship between the community and the power of SpamSpy. Our goal is to collaborate closely with our community in order to ensure that the features and new tools we develop perfectly match their needs.
Join our discord to keep in with the community and get the latest updates on SpamSpy.

3. Is there an enterprise option?

Yes! qualifing enterprises/industries can recieve a discount, custom plans, assistance in deployment and more. Please contact us directly via the Github Readme.

4. How to get support?

Support is handled directly through the Github issues system. You may also refer to the Github Readme if youre looking for a more robust contact method.

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