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SpamSpy Initial Roadmap

Neil Master


  • 2022RoadMap
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The current roadmap consists of SpamSpy in small periodic phases of updates of the ai with large updates that release with new integrations and features (ie: example code for svelte(kit), vue, html etc. ). This will allow us to keep the app up-to-date with the latest spamming techniques and also allow us to add new features as they are developed. Lastly, there will be different models that are trained for specific app or platform like YouTube comments or twitch live chat. This will ensure that the app is as effective as possible against the latest spam trends.

Pre Release

Expected 10/30/2022


  • 70% Accuracy Minimum
  • Sub Two Second Response Time
  • Free Contributor / Community Tier


Expected 12/30/2022


  • Webflow Plugin
  • Zapier App
  • Code Examples for web frameworks

Post Release

Expected 6/15/2023


  • Bulk Testing
  • Discord Server Integration
  • Twitch/Youtube Chat Integration
  • Public Registry of Detected Spam


All Systems Operational

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