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The New AI Anti-Spam Fighting Fire With Fire Is Coming to Zapier - February 6th 2023

Jason Cheroske


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SpamSpy.io is Deviated Systems LLC in partnership with MindsDB, AI Anti-Spam API, its a newly released service here to save millions in all spam and content moderation related costs.

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Monday, January 30th, 2023 – Everyone knows what spam is at this point in our journey into the internet. We’ve all received some form of it, be it via email, text, or a bot account on Instagram commenting on your posts or messaging something ‘savory’. Spam and content moderation in general has long been a war happening behind the scenes of the internet, however, with the rise of AI a new threat is becoming paramount AI Powered Spam.

The new AI spam is completely unique and effortlessly evolved faster than any current algorithm can keep up; however, spam in general is still an issue not properly tackled, just scroll any active comment section on the internet.

Overall though, the internet itself is getting worse, being filled with junk like Earth's orbit it’s becoming harder to navigate every day. Just think about how many times you’ve needed to add “Reddit” to the end of your search query?

There are no standards for content on the internet, with obviously no way to make the entire internet’s content conform to any single standard either. However, SpamSpy has the potential to moderate any form of content based on data and trends, identifying how truly relevant any content really is to you, and everyone else.

Every business online receives spam mixed with real leads, according to Statista of the 2,348.05 billion (2,348,050,000,000) emails sent in 2021 only 18% were legitimate, and 84% or 1,980.58 billion (1,980,580,000,000) were spam*. With current spam filtering, placing a filter too strictly on your lead form easily eliminates real leads submitted. 

One method used today is blocking any email not from trusted providers like "@gmail.com" or "@outlook.com". Yet in doing so you have the potential to never receive any larger leads from fellow businesses that could be worth 20x or more of your usual leads. Spamspy removes this issue, with a ~97% accuracy that’s ever evolving. “SpamSpy does not slowly crawl through a static database with millions of entries, seeing if a submission matches its spam records exactly or not. It reads between the lines spotting spam that’s never been written before. That’s the true power of AI.” ~ Neil Master III - Deviated Systems Co-Founder & The Miracle Worker behind SpamSpy.

We can help you remove not just generic spam, but highly targeted and customized AI spam too. The best part, with every customer SpamSpy only grows stronger meaning everyday you’ll spend less time sorting out spam, and you don’t want to be the odd one out of your competitors. 

We’re leading the charge first by setting SpamSpy on a warpath to clean up the internet's spam content, providing everyone a new solution with its modular API on RapidAPI for dealing with form spam and general submission based content moderation, which is not the continuous game of catch up we play today. SpamSpy’s reach and power are continuously being expanded to soon be able to protect every corner of the internet, and it needs your help.

It takes as little as $1/month to get started saving you hours of time combing through your CRM leads, removing all the irrelevant ones. For the few that slip through, you can simply mark them as spam, feeding these back to the API helping train SpamSpy’s AI to filter these irrelevant leads out in the future. Not just for you though, but for anyone that is using SpamSpy.

Not everyone has a developer on call to implement SpamSpy custom for their needs. So, we’ve been working on developing some easy to use integrations for popular platforms. For our first third-party integration to make it easier to join the fight against spam, we’ve been working with Zapier and are proud to be releasing the SpamSpy Zapier integration app.

The over 2.5 million active Zapier users can start taking advantage of it: February 6th 2023. SpamSpy’s Zaps have a number of uses, but the primary benefit is the ability to save users millions of dollars on their automation costs, by preventing your irrelevant leads or content from being processed by your workflow/task. 

Current Features:

Available Now
  • ◦ Most Cost-Effective Anti Spam to Date ($1/month)
  • ◦ Learns and Adapts to Spam Content Trends Quickly
  • ◦ Submit Content Free To Help Support The Fight
  • ◦ Compatible with Website Contact, Lead Forms, & Much More

Upcoming Features:

Q1-Q3 2023
  • ◦ Major Platform Integrations (Ex. Wordpress)
  • ◦ Universal Content Quality Rating
  • ◦ Real-Time Chat Moderation
  • ◦ Direct Email Plugins

Planned Features

Q4 2023 & Beyond
  • ◦ Social Media Spam/Bot Profile Detection & Overall Profile Rating
  • ◦ (Ex. Detect Accounts Impersonating Claiming to Sell Adult Content)
  • ◦ Social Media Comment Spam/Bot Detection/Moderation
  • ◦ Universal Fraud/Scam Detection (Ex. Stopping AI Powered Scams)

You can start using the SpamSpy API today, by visiting https://spamspy.io! Start contributing for free, or get protected for as little as $1/month. Start fighting spam the right way, and let’s take back the internet together.

*Statista: https://www.statista.com/statistics/1270424/daily-spam-volume-global/


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